About us

Since its inception in 2012, The Architectural Photography Awards (APA) have grown from strength to strength.  Photographers have entered - and won - from all over the world.  We have seen press coverage about the Awards expand from local trade papers to international media.

The APA have been helped along the way by the World Architecture Festival; together we share an appreciation of the art of photographing architecture. Images of the built world are ubiquitous, used beyond the world of architecture and design, you will see buildings in advertisements for finance, cars, travel and more. Despite the visibility of these images, their creators are invisible. The APA crosses sectors and continents to raise awareness of the skill of these photographer; their ability to translate the sophistication of the built world - the photographer interpreting and explaining the character, detail and environment into readable and understandable two dimensions.

The Architectural Photography Awards are inclusive and we welcome everyone from the full-time professional photographer to the keen amateur using a mobile device.

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